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Elias campbell

Founder|Director of production

Elias started Soulfood back in 2006 as a way to pursue more projects he was passionate about.  A little food for the soul if you will. He's been blessed to travel all over the world telling stories for various clients. While he loves a beautiful landscape his true passion is capturing the little moments that help bring a story to life. When he's not working you will probably find him playing sports, building something DIY-style or ranting about the environment. 

Jory lyons


You're only as good as your team and luckily we have Jory.  With a keen eye for detail and that perfect shot there is never a doubt he will come home with some beauties.

When he's not working his magic in the edit suite you will probably find him

a) playing basketball

b) surfing 

c) walking the dog.

Let's be honest, he's probably walking the dog, it's what responsible pet owners do. He's fun to work with and is learning Spanish What else could you want from the guy?

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